Why Us

Why Us?

We provide quality advice to clarify your future needs and help you achieve your goals.

B Walker & Co has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you to improve your current business position.


As accountants we have a long history of providing professional and efficient taxation/accounting services.

We have often extended beyond these traditional services when our clients needed our assistance and our work has encompassed:

  • Providing you with solutions and positive outcomes as ‘business life ‘ becomes difficult when it hits those inevitable speed bumps.
  • Value adding your business with a ‘bottom line’ focus which strengthens its value for third parties (banks/future buyers/partners)
  • Efficiently and cost effectively assisting in restructuring your business so you and your assets are protected
  • Liaising with banks to restructure your all important existing/future loan requirements
  • Many unique and various business situations

If you want to add value to your business... take it to the next level...

Or if you need help... or if you simply want your business viewed from another perspective...

See us now!